Uong Bi harvests Phuong Nam early ripening lychee

Uông Bí vào vụ thu hoạch vải chín sớm Phương Nam

Farmers in Phuong Nam Ward, Uong Bi City are starting early ripening lychee harvest season.

There are nearly 500 ha under early ripening lychee cutlivation of 2,000 households in Phuong Nam Ward. Of which, 372 ha are planned for 8 concentrated litchi cultivation areas. Farmers are expected to harvest more than 4,000 tons of early ripening lychee in this crop. At the beginning of the harvest season, they harvested over 100 tons of lychee.

Uông Bí vào vụ thu hoạch vải chín sớm Phương Nam
Local farmers are satisfied with high-quality lychee fruits at reasonable price around 30,000 – 35,000 VND per kg.

Implementing the goal of improving the quality of local agricultural products, along with 150 ha under lychee cultivation in line with the VietGap process, this year, Uong Bi city continues to expand 140 ha associated with good control of the output quality, meeting the market demand.

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