Phuong Nam Ward to harvest early ripening lychee

Vải chín sớm Phương Nam chuẩn bị vào vụ thu hoạch

Farmers in Phuong Nam Ward, Uong Bi City are preparing for early ripening lychee harvest season. The first batch is expected to come in 15 days.

According to experienced farmers, Phuong Nam Ward will have the best season ever in terms of both quality and quantity which is estimated at about 4,000 tons. This is partially thanks to favorable weather. More importantly, the implementation of VietGAP standards ensures the fruit quality.

80% of 315 ha of lychee cultivation in Phuong Nam Ward apply VietGAP standards.

It is expected that some gardens will harvest first fruits on the period of Apr.30 and May 1 and Phuong Nam Ward will officially start harvest season at early May. Harvest time will run 2-3 weeks.

Vải chín sớm Phương Nam chuẩn bị vào vụ thu hoạch
260 ha of early-ripening lychee in Phuong Nam Ward apply VietGAP standards. The harvest season is expected at 4,000 tons. The quality is said the best ever.

Because the harvest time is short amid Covid-19 influence, it is difficult for exporting lychee to China or Southern provinces and cities as previous seasons, therefore the consumption is likely to decline.

Phuong Nam Ward and Uong Bi City’s Division of Economy has developed trade promotion plan for early ripening lychee and contacted with regular customers.

Besides, local authority offers the best support to traders, for example providing labels and trademarks, arranging lychee gathering places, ensuring order and security…

However, Phuong Nam Ward should put more focus on domestic markets, online shopping, and commodity selling places for price stabilization in the province, as well as consumption connection to bring delicious early-ripening lychee to both domestic and neighboring customers.

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