Nine tonnes of Vietnamese lychee to be exported to Australia

Chiến dịch quảng bá trái vải thiều Việt Nam tại Úc

Nine tonnes of Vietnam’s U Hong lychee are expected to arrive in Australia on June 12th to introduce the specialty fruit of Vietnam to consumers in this country at the right time when lychees are in bloom.

U Hong is a kind of delicious lychee, early ripening and with a firm rind, which is suitable for long distance transport, so it is an ideal product to introduce to Australian consumers.

The Vietnam Trade Office in Australia has developed a brand promotion strategy which focuses on naming the two types of fresh Vietnamese lychees to appear on the Australian market to help pangasius products Vietnamese lychee to be well received by Australian consumers.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, the Vietnam Trade Office found that Australian consumers thought that the yellow colour of U Hong lychee was due to fading, so in this brand promotion campaign, the office names this lychee Golden Lychees “Fruit of Luck”, which implies that the lychee is not only delicious, but its yellow colour also symbolizes luck. The second kind of lychee with red and pink rind is called Red Lychees “Fruit of love” with the meaning of fruit with sweet taste, captivating people.

Chiến dịch quảng bá trái vải thiều Việt Nam tại Úc
Posters advertise Vietnamese fresh lychee in Australia (Photo:

To introduce Vietnamese lychee to Australian consumers, the Vietnam Trade Office will invite potential importers, store owners and customers to try newly imported lychees from Vietnam. In addition to the traditional advertising forms such as placing advertising billboards in crowded areas, the office will also advertise Vietnamese fresh lychee on social networks, on the Viet-Aus Trade application, which has just been officially put into use, and organize a contest to spread Vietnamese lychee advertising on social networks.

These marketing campaigns will focus on young people to build a long-term and high potential customer base for Vietnam’s fresh lychee. At the same time, the office will also receive feedback from consumers, especially information about importers and stores, to develop the network for the next year.

The campaign to promote fresh Vietnamese lychee will be conducted in many localities in Australia in the near future./

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